The Upper Napa River Habitat Enhancement and Sediment Reduction Plan: Existing Conditions Report.

This report can be viewed on this website at Events & Resources, Publications folder.



Fish Friendly Farming is a certification program for agricultural properties managed to restore fish and wildlife habitat and improve water quality.

You don’t need to have a creek on your site to qualify; every vineyard site from the ridgetop to the river can enroll. Landowners or land managers enroll in Fish Friendly Farming workshops. After the workshops, CLSI staff complete a site visit to complete the farm plan, including a road assessment and creek assessment. We send you a completed farm plan and the site is ready to be certified.The FFF program provides a third-party objective certification. Please contact us for more information about Agricultural Waiver compliance and Fish Friendly Farming certification.

Fish Friendly Wine Film

Participants in the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy's Leadership for Sustainable Future program created a film about the Fish Friendly Farming Certification Program for their class project. We would like to thank the individuals that worked on this wonderful project: Ernie Gundling, Monica Figueroa, Claire Nordlie, Jack May and Heidi Knott. Heidi Knott and Kellen Lim did a great job shooting and editing the film.  We would also like to thank the growers who participated and Joe Dillon from the National Marine Fisheries Service. Happy viewing!


The Fish Friendly Farming/Napa Green and Fish Friendly Ranching programs are now enrolling new sites.

Sierra Foothills FFF/FFR Program has expanded to include Amador, El Dorado and Placer Counties.

To enroll, download the enrollment form below, by county:

Napa County
Sonoma County
Mendocino County
Solano County
Amador County
Placer County
El Dorado County

Already certified? Order a sign for your currently certified vineyard using one of these sign order forms:

Fish Friendly Farming signs
or if you are located in Napa County, you can choose Napa Green Land/Fish Friendly Farming.
Napa Green Land/Fish Friendly Farming signs

To enroll in Fish Friendly Ranching in any county, you can download the enrollment form below:

FFR-logo FFR Enrollment Form


Napa Vineyard

Fish Friendly Farming® provides an incentive-based method for creating and sustaining environmental quality and habitat on private land.

Landowners and managers enroll in the program, learn environmentally beneficial management practices and carry out ecological restoration projects. The focus is on the land manager as the central figure in achieving and sustaining environmental quality. This approach ensures long-term environmental improvements, sustainable agriculture and implements the principles of state and federal environmental regulations. Three resource agencies—the Regional Water Quality Control Board, the National Marine Fisheries Service, and the County Agricultural Commissioner—provide an objective third-party certification.

Fish Friendly Farming provides for voluntary, self-directed compliance

with the rigorous standards of state and federal water quality laws(Clean Water Act), the federal Endangered Species Act, and state pesticide laws as well as local regulations.

The Fish Friendly Farming certification assures the consumer

that the wines and farm products they purchase are produced by protecting and restoring the environment and by sustaining the beauty and natural habitats of California.

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